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Holiday Pickup Schedule


The following holidays will have alternate pickup days for solid waste services.

Holiday Normal Pickup Date Alternate Pickup Date
Veteran's Day Tuesday, November 11, 2014 Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Thanksgiving Thursday & Friday, November 27-28, 2014 Wednesday, November 26, 2014
No Yard Trash for Thursday & Friday Routes
Christmas Thursday & Friday, December 25-26, 2014 Wednesday, December 24, 2014
No Yard Trash for Thursday & Friday Routes


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Normal Pickup Schedules


5th through 17th Streets


Abelia Ct     Thursday
Airport Blvd     Thursday
Alexander St     Monday
Alexandria St     Thursday
Amick Street 1215 - 1731   Thursday
Ann St     Friday
Arlington Dr 1200 & above even Friday
Arlington St thru 1030   Monday
Augusta St     Monday
Augusta Rd 1200 & above even Friday
Augusta Rd 1215 odd Thursday
Augusta Rd 2035-2213 odd Thursday
Alpine Dr     Tuesday
Apache Trail     Tuesday
Ashley Ct     Tuesday
B Ave Thru 1141   Monday
B Ave 1200 & above   Thursday
Batchelor St     Friday
Beckham St     Thursday
Bonnie St     Thursday
Boozer St     Thursday
Botanical Parkway     Tuesday
Branham St     Friday
Broad St     Thursday
Brooks Ave     Thursday
Brookwood Cir     Thursday
Brown St North   Friday
Brown St South   Thursday
Burley Ct     Friday
Burley Dr     Friday
Burnham St     Friday
Buff St     Monday
C Ave thru 1125   Monday
C Ave 1300 & above   Thursday
Cardinal Dr     Tuesday
Carpenter St     Monday
Carlin Dr     Thursday
Carrington Dr     Friday
Carroll Dr     Thursday
Carrolton St     Tuesday
Caughman St     Friday
Center St     Monday
Central Dr     Tuesday
Charleston Hwy 100-255   Monday
Charleston Hwy 300 & above   Thursday
Chavis St     Thursday
Cherokee Dr     Tuesday
Chimney Swift     Friday
Choctaw Tr     Tuesday
Cofield     Friday
Comanchee Tr     Tuesday
Court Ave     Monday
Craft St     Tuesday
Crapps Ave thru 1704   Thursday
Creekmount     Friday
Crestwater Ct     Tuesday
Cromwell St     Monday
D Ave thru 1241   Monday
D Ave 1300 & above   Thursday
Daisy Ln     Thursday
Dale Ave     Thursday
Dargan St     Friday
Decatur St     Thursday
Decree Ave     Thursday
Delmar St     Tuesday
Denham St 413, 416, 417   Thursday
Dew St     Friday
Double Branch Ct     Tuesday
Double Branch Rd     Friday
Dreher Rd thru 700 block   Thursday
Dreher Rd 700 & above   Friday
Duke St     Tuesday
E Ave thru 1134   Monday
E Ave 1200 & above   Thursday
Evergreen St     Thursday
Earl Ct     Friday
Epting St     Thursday
Emanuel Dr     Thursday
F Ave     Thursday
Finley St     Friday
Fontanna Ave     Tuesday
Forest St     Monday
Fountain St     Tuesday
G Ave     Thursday
Gambrell St     Tuesday
Gardenview     Tuesday
Gilmore St     Friday
Glenn St     Thursday
Goldfinch     Friday
Graham Dr     Friday
Graham St     Thursday
Greenwood Rd     Friday
Grove St     Thursday
Grover St     Thursday
Gunter Cir     Tuesday
Gunter Dr     Tuesday
H Ave     Thursday
Hall St     Monday
Hallman St     Thursday
Hammond Ave     Thursday
Hart St     Thursday
Heather Dr     Thursday
Hendrix St     Friday
Herman St     Monday
Hillside     Thursday
Hite St     Friday
Holland Ave    


Holland St     Friday
Hollyberry Ln     Tuesday
Hollyhill Dr     Friday
Holmes St     Friday
Hook Ave     Friday
Hooklawn Dr     Friday
Hoover St     Monday
Hudson St     Monday
Hummingbird Dr     Tuesday
Inview Dr     Friday
Jackson St     Monday
Jamaica Dr     Tuesday
Jasper St     Monday
Jefferson St     Thursday
Jensen St thru 1108   Monday
Jensen St 1124 & above   Friday
Joyce St     Thursday
Kay Koon Ln     Tuesday
Kirkland St     Thursday
Knapp St     Thursday
Knox Abbott Dr     Thursday
Koon St     Monday
L Ave     Thursday
Lacy St     Friday
Lakeside Dr     Monday
Lakeview Dr     Friday
Leaphart Rd     Friday
Leaphart St 803-1238   Monday
Leaphart St 700 block   Tuesday
Leaphart St 1300 & above   Friday
Lesley Dr     Friday
Lexington Ave     Monday
Line St     Monday
Linnett St     Friday
Long St     Thursday
Lown St     Friday
Lucas St thru 422   Monday
Lucas St 500 & above   Tuesday
Luke St     Monday
Manning Dr     Friday
Marabou     Friday
Marble St     Monday
McSwain Dr     Friday
Meeting St thru 1125   Monday
Meeting St 1300 & above   Friday
Menscer Dr     Friday
Michelle Dr     Friday
Middle Loop     Friday
Middleton St     Thursday
Mimosa Crescent     Tuesday
Mohawk Dr     Tuesday
Mohegan Tr     Tuesday
Monarch     Tuesday
Monticello St thru 1035   Monday
Monticello St 1100 block   Friday
Morningside Dr     Friday
Nassau Dr     Tuesday
Natchez Tr     Tuesday
Navajo Tr     Tuesday
Norfolk St     Monday
North Ave     Thursday
North Hook Dr     Friday
North St     Friday
Oliver St     Monday
Ontario Ave     Tuesday
Osage Ave     Tuesday
Ottawa Tr     Tuesday
Park Place Ln     Tuesday
Parnell St     Friday
Parson St South   Thursday
Parson St North   Friday
Perry St     Friday
Pineview Rd     Friday
Platt Springs Rd     Thursday
Price Cir     Thursday
Railroad Ave     Friday
Rainbow Dr     Thursday
Raleigh St     Monday
Redbird Dr     Tuesday
Redwood Dr     Tuesday
Rem Ct     Thursday
Reuben Cir     Thursday
Riveria     Friday
Riverstone Ct     Tuesday
Riverview Dr     Tuesday
Robincrest Dr     Friday
Rockmount     Friday
Roof St     Monday
Ross St     Friday
Rutland Dr     Tuesday
Saluda Chase     Tuesday
Saluda Chase Way     Tuesday
Saluda Mill     Tuesday
Saluda River Dr     Tuesday
Sandel Ln     Friday
Second St     Thursday
Seminole Dr     Tuesday
Senn St     Friday
Sewanee Dr     Tuesday
Shirley St     Thursday
Shuler St     Monday
Shull St thru 1200   Monday
Shull St 1200 & above   Friday
Sioux Tr     Tuesday
Skipperling     Tuesday
Smith Dr     Thursday
Sortwell St     Monday
Sox St     Thursday
Spring St     Monday
State St     Monday
Steele Dr     Thursday
Sunset Blvd 131-1065 odd Monday
Sunset Blvd all even   Tuesday
Sunset Blvd 1201-1413 odd Friday
Tampa St     Friday
Taylor St     Thursday
Terrace View     Friday
Thornton St 1 house only   Thursday
Timber Ridge     Friday
Tranwood St     Thursday
Violet St     Monday
Wall St     Friday
Wessinger St     Thursday
Westhaven Dr     Thursday
Westside Dr     Thursday
Whippoorwill     Friday
White St     Thursday
Whiteside Cir     Thursday
Williams St     Thursday
Wilma Dr     Friday
Wisteria Dr     Thursday
Witt St     Monday
Woodbine Dr     Thursday
Woodhaven Dr     Friday
Woodland Dr     Tuesday
Woodside Dr     Thursday
Wren Dr     Tuesday
X Y Z      
5th - 17th Sts      
5th St     Monday
6th St     Monday
7th St     Monday
8th St     Monday
9th St     Monday
10th St     Monday
11th St     Monday
12th St 445-701 odd Monday
12th St   even Thursday
12th St North even Monday
12th St North odd Friday
13th St     Thursday
16th St     Thursday
17th St     Thursday

Garbage (Household Waste)

All residential garbage must be contained within the city-provided roll cart and placed at roadside by 7:00 AM on collection day.

  • DO NOT place garbage at roadside except on collection day.
  • Roll carts must be removed from roadside by 7:00 PM on collection day.

Special Collection

  • Special collection services are provided to residents who are unable to take their garbage and recycling items to the roadside. Please call the West Columbia Sanitation Department at 803.796.8006 to arrange for the special collection service. The application can be downloaded here: Sanitation Medical Disability Form

Yard Trash

  • Yard trash may be bagged or placed at roadside in loose piles.
  • Burning of trash is prohibited within the city limits.
  • Limbs must be broken or trimmed to a manageable size, not exceeding six (6) feet in length or six (6) inches in diameter.
  • The city reserves the right to limit the amount of trash picked up for any property and DOES NOT remove trash resulting from lot clearing activities.
  • Removal of debris from home construction, repairs or remodeling is the responsibility of the property owner or contractor.


The city will collect certain discarded appliances by special request. Please call the West Columbia Sanitation Department at 803.796.8006 for information about disposal or to schedule collection.


The following items are currently collected for recycling:

  • Plastic bottles and containers (no motor oil)
  • Newspapers, magazines and cardboard
  • Aluminum and metal cans
  • Glass food and beverage containers

Any items left in recycling bins by collection personnel are unacceptable for recycling by the city. However, some items not collected by the city may be recycled at the Lexington County Convenience Stations. Contact Lexington County Waste Management at 803.755.3325.

As a reminder: Please do not mix garbage, yard trash, and recycling items. Each is collected separately.

collection routes
frequently asked questions

Q. What can I put in my recycling bin?

The city can recycle newspapers, magazines (no catalogs, junk mail, or telephone books), aluminum cans, glass (all kinds), plastics such as milk and soda containers and food cans.

Q. Where is the money going from the sale of recyclable materials?

The money goes into the general fund of the city to help defray the costs of the recycling program.

Q. I am elderly and not able to take my roll cart or recycling bin to the street. How will I get it there?

Contact West Columbia Sanitation Department at 796-8006 for information on special handling.

Q. What should I do if someone is taking items from my recycling bin after I have placed it on the street for pickup?

West Columbia has a city ordinance that makes it a misdemeanor to take items from a recycling bin. The bin and its contents become city property once it is placed on the street for pickup.

Q. Should I put my recycling bin out in the rain?

Yes. Your recycling bin has holes in the bottom for the water to drain. Putting it in the rain will not hurt the contents.

Q. Who should I call if my recycling bin is stolen?

West Columbia Sanitation Department at 796-8006 to report stolen bins or if you have questions about recycling.

Q. What if my collection day is a holiday?

If your collection day falls on a holiday, your garbage, recyclable items and yard trash will be picked up on Wednesday of the same week. Every resident has once-a-week pickup regardless of holidays.

Q. Will the city pick up appliances?

The City will pick up certain discarded appliances by special request. Please call West Columbia Sanitation Department at 796-8006 for information about disposal.

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