Sam Williams, a source of pride in the West Columbia Sanitation Department

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Sam Williams, a source of pride in the West Columbia Sanitation Department

West Columbia has one of the most-efficient and respected sanitation operations in the state. Competent and stable  leadership, as it’s delivered by Sam Williams, is one of the reasons why.

Williams started his career with the West Columbia Sanitation Department nine years ago. He began working with the city as a truck driver. He is now a crew chief leader.

“It’s been a great nine years,” said Williams. “The city has given me the opportunity to grow.”
Williams also said he feels he has the respect of the team members he works with, and his supervisors.
Williams said his job is to “keep guys organized and help the rest of management.

“Williams said it is important to come to work every day with a positive attitude, and to make sure he projects that to the people working with him.

The effort of Williams and the sanitation department does not go unnoticed.
“The citizens tell us we do a good job,” said Williams. “That makes us feel good as an employee.”
He also said the annual luncheon that the Westover Acres Community Crime Watch Club holds for the the sanitation and public works is a morale boost for the personnel braving the elements to keep West Columbia cleaned up.In order to present that luncheon, volunteers fund raise with the goal of treating city workers to a pre-Christmas lunch at the Community Center on B Avenue.
In addition to lunch, the appreciative citizens have presented each city personnel member invited with a $25 gift card to BILO. Door prizes and cash gifts are also shared.
“It lets us know we are appreciated. It feels good that they recognize us for the job we do. It lifts our spirits.”

Jeanette Hornsby of the Westover Acres Community Crime Watch said at least year’s luncheon she was very pleased with the response from the people in the community who donated to fund the luncheon.“It says these workers do an awfully good job,” Hornsby said.

Williams also said it is satisfying to know that the sanitation team is taking a lot of refuse off the streets.
Aside from the daily routes that sanitation runs, there are two citywide Saturday “Clean-up Days” annually in West Columbia. Williams said sanitation department personnel take pride in working those days.

“When they are asking for guys to work the Clean-up days, we get 100 percent participation,” he said.
The citizens are not the only ones who notice the good service Sam and the sanitation crews provide.

“Sam, and the whole sanitation department, do such a good job,” said West Columbia Mayor Bobby Horton. “They are a source of pride for all of us, and our city. “The people are very appreciative of what they do keeping our city clean. We rarely, if ever, get a complaint. But we get lots of compliments.”
Horton said leadership, like Sam’s in sanitation, is an asset.

“We have an efficient operation,” he said. “As good as any in the state.”
Horton also said the management in sanitation is sound and respectful.
“There is very little turnover in that department. They like their job and the residents like them. That’s says a lot about the leadership, there.”

Public Works Director Jamie Hook said the praise for Williams is deserved.
“He comes to work with such a positive attitude. Sam works well with the guys and oversees operations,” said Hook. “He has earned the respect of everyone. And he does not ask anyone to do anything he would not do.”

Hook said Williams adds value to the city.
“Sam is a tremendous asset, not only to the sanitation department, but to the whole city,” he said. “He deals with the public well. he’s a good communicator. He knowledgeable and he does everything safely.”
Williams can be innovative, too, said Hook.

“Sam thinks outside of the box, too. He’s a good leader,” he said.
It’s a good thing West Columbia like Sam Williams. Because he like them, too. With nine years behind him, Williams said he likes where he is and he’ll be here a while.
“I plan to retire here,” Williams said.

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