LeGrande Baker, dedicated West Columbia Utilities Department employee

By February 8, 2018Good News

Water and sewer are essential to the people of West Columbia. And they depend on the West Columbia Utilities Department.

For 23 years, LeGrande Baker, who is a leader in the water and sewer department, has been a part of that. He said it’s not a boring job.

“I’m not always doing the same thing,” said Baker. “You don’t repeat the same thing every day. You do something different each day in this job. That makes it more interesting.”

West Columbia Mayor Bobby Horton can attest to Baker’s commitment and the quality of the personnel in the city’s water and sewer department does.

“They do an outstanding job” said Horton. “And it’s not an easy job.”

He also said West Columbia’s water and sewer system is top-of-the-line. It said it takes the best to offer the high level of service that is offered in West Columbia.

Baker is well aware of the responsibility to maintain the reputation. He is a crew chief who works with a team of six others. “It’s our job to keep it flowing,” Baker said. Rex Adkins, the City of West Columbia’s utilities supervisor said Baker is good at his job.

“LeGrande is an A-plus employee,” said Adkins. “Day in and day out, or night in or night out, he’s there when we need him. He does a great job.”

It’s not just pipes and flow. Baker said interaction with West Columbia’s water and sewer customers is an aspect of what he does.

“Our customers are very appreciative,” said Baker, He also said he makes an effort to be as accommodating as possible to those customers.

And the customer service of the department does not go unnoticed by the city’s leaders.

“The attitudes of the utilities department employees are outstanding,” said Horton.

He also said its the utilities department’s job to ensure the water and sewer lines in the city are maintained.

“They understand their job,” said Horton. “They are on top of it. It’s why the department operates so smoothly.”

Horton also said it’s important to have employees like LeGrande Baker, who take pride in what they do.

As for Baker’s part, he gives his co-workers a lot of credit. He said his crew is committed and dedicated to serving the utilities customers of the City of West Columbia.

“They take their job serious,” said Baker. “They have to.”

Adkins said it’s also Baker’s job to make the customers happy, and Baker is good at that. Adkins said he’s glad to have Baker, and employees of his caliber in the West Columbia Utilities Department. And if the feedback from West Columbia Water and Sewer customers is any indication, they are pleased to have LeGrande Baker working for them, too.

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