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Joseph W. "Joe" Owens

City Administrator

Jennifer T. Cunningham

791-1880 ext 600

Director of Economic Development

Donna M. Smith

791-1880 ext 614

Police Chief

Dennis K. Tyndall

794-0721 ext 181

Public Works Director

Charles Garren


Mayor Pro-Tem

Casey Jordan Hallman

Deputy City Administrator

Myron F. Corley

791-1880 ext 601

Assistant City Administrator

Brian E. Carter, AICP


Fire Chief

Wyatt Coleman


Water Distribution / Sewer Collection

Rex Adkins


City Council Members

Eric L. Fowler

Boyd J. Jones

L. Dale Harley

City Treasurer

Richard K. Hodge, CPA

791-1880 ext 602

Building Official

Stuart Jones


ADA Coordinator

Myron F. Corley

791-1880 ext 601

Streets / Sanitation

Jamie Hook


Tommy G. Parler

B. J. Unthank

Teddy Wingard

Tem Miles

City Clerk

Marta M. "Mardi" Valentino, CMC

791-1880 ext 603

Planning/Engineering Director

Sid Varn, PE


IT Systems Administrator

Anna M. Huffman

791-1880 ext 613

Community Liaison

Sandra Vergara-Duarte


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